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You’re about to be themifyed! That’s right, we had to invent a word for this unique chance of becoming the happy owner of not one, but TWO developer themes for just (drum roll)…. $29!

Yep, that’s 50% OFF the normal price ($59).

However, it’s not just the price that will amaze you, as you’ll be faced with the agonizingly pleasant task of fishing just two themes out of a sea of professional, highly customizable, and easy to use WordPress themes.

Before you throw your net, you should also know that Themify themes come with an advanced option panel where you can easily customize your theme without having to edit any template files. Not to mention that it includes a number of custom widgets for displaying recent comments, feature posts, Twitter feeds, and Flickr photos. Oh, AND, on top of that, it comes with shortcodes which allow you to easily display buttons, column content, horizontal rules, quotations, Google maps, and embedded videos.


  • The developer license includes the Photoshop PSD file(s) in the theme package if you need to do any customization work.
  • Each theme comes with the Themify framework which gives you complete customization of the style & functionality.
  • Along with the framework, there are number of custom widgets that help you to display dynamic content. See widgets
  • All themes come with at least one skin which you can turn on/off instantly via our framework.
  • All members have access to documentation of our themes, framework, and widgets.
  • Theme members have access to our moderated support forums where you can disucss topics with other members or our team members.

You can choose any 2 Themes (Developer Licenses)

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So, on your marks, get set, ready, go! And follow the instructions:

  • After completing your purchase, you will receive a coupon code for 2 developer license.
  • Create a new account at the in order to select and download your themes.
  • You may choose ANY 2 themes on the Themify website with developer license.